with Greg Benz

This course is not available for purchase, only through occasional special events.

What's included in the course?

This comprehensive course goes well beyond just "dodging and burning" and includes:

  • Over 30 minutes of additional training on RAW processing and exposure blending. This is completely new material and does not overlap with the Exposure Blending Master Course or other Lumenzia videos.
  • High-resolution source files so that you can follow along. 
  • PDF summaries of all the videos with time-codes to make it easy to follow along, no matter what style of learning you prefer.
  • Access to the course via iOS app, including offline viewing of the videos.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • Hosting on a professional learning management system to facilitate learning. This helps tie all the various written and visual aspects of the course noted above into an easy to navigate interface, along with a commenting system to interact with Greg or students in the course.

Course FAQs

Can I buy this course?

Sorry, no. This course is only offered on very special occasions. This is typically only about once per year, so don't miss your chance!

Is there a written version of this course or PDF?  

Yes. Every video also includes is paired with a PDF that lists the processing steps and rationale used, with time stamps so that you can easily find the material you need. This can also be used as a handy reference to find key sections of the video later. In addition, there are several written sections of the course that supplement the videos with more detail, as well as links to additional tutorials or other learning resources.  

Does this course require Lumenzia?

No. While the course is recorded using Lumenzia to create and use luminosity masks, the general concepts used should be applicable to other luminosity masking approaches. The course is also recorded using Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) to process RAW files, but the general concepts should apply to whichever RAW processing software you may use.

How does this course compare with your other courses and videos that come with Lumenzia? 

The image and content in this course is completely unique, there is no overlap. This is a somewhat more advanced blend, and I would recommend starting this course after you have completed the introductory Lumenzia and Exposure Blending Master Course tutorials first, if you have them.

Can I download the videos?

You can use the iOS app to view the videos offline. You can also stream the content on any browser or device. This course is presented through a professional learning management system, which provides for an excellent experience by offering much more than just video files. You will have written guides to accompany the videos with time codes to easily review each step of the tutorials, access to all the digital files edited in the course, comments to ask Greg questions or interact with other students in the course, and a well designed interface to help organize and navigate all the content. The nature of this platform also enables me to improve or add to the content over time. This has proven to be extremely popular with my Exposure Blending Master Course.

The iOS app is subject to the requirements and availability of the Teachable iOS app (requires iOS10 or later).

About Greg

Greg Benz is a professional photographer, photography and Photoshop instructor, and software developer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Greg currently focuses on landscape and cityscape photography, but has broad experience across numerous genres of photography over the past 20 years - including wedding, portrait, family, product, and sports. He is the developer of Lumenzia, the luminosity masking extension panel for Photoshop.