Boats of False Creek

I’ve never seen a skyline quite like Vancouver’s.  When we drove into the city in mid-day, it didn’t yet seem special.  Most of the buildings have a lot of steel and glass.  They’re mostly very similar, and not entirely remarkable.  But as you begin to move around the city, you begin to realize that it’s actually a very special place.  You can see it from so many different vantage points that it’s overwhelming.  The Vancouver seawall is the longest urban waterfront path in the world.  From almost anywhere on that path, you’re looking across a small stretch of water back at the city skyline.  And as night begins to fall and the city lights up, you suddenly begin to realize what an amazingly beautiful place this is.  Even the similarity of the buildings begins to fade into this beautifully cohesive urban cityscape.  One of my favorite vantage points was from on top of the Granville Bridge.  You can look down into a harbor full of boats, right into the artsy Granville island, or left towards the Yaletown and Downtown skyscrapers.

Vancouver Blur Hour skyline and the skyscrapers and sailboats along False Creek

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