I lived in Chicago for a couple years for grad school, and I definitely miss it at times – like the middle of the summer when there’s a festival every weekend and the Lake Michigan shore is packed.  Here are a few of my favorite scenes:  the view from the top of the John Hancock Building, Blues from the south side of the City, and the “bean” in Millenium Park.  The shot of Mike playing sax brings back some entertaining memories…  he’d flown back from Spain to play with Billy Branch (who is an amazing Chicago artist, some may recognize him from the movie “Adventures in Babysitting”).  I was down in this out of the way bar I jumped to after a photo shoot with an event I supposed to shoot fell through, and fell into this by pure luck.  I met Mike and some other guys playing with Billy (which was truly amazing), but in the most unlikely place.  I remember guys sitting at a plywood bar cut by a bandsaw, in full suits and like you would have seen 80 years ago.  I got a whiskey sour with a rotten cherry and sat down next to a guy with a duffle bag at his feet.  I asked him what was in the bag – so he pulls it up and shows me that its full of aligator skin wallets… still in the box from Marshall Fields.  He tries to sell me one, but I politely decline.  Then he offers to put me on commision ($10 each) if I help him sell the wallets in the bar.  We end up chatting a bit and he tells me he’s a poet.  He wrote a poem called “Gift of Tears” that he’s trying to get on Oprah Winfrey’s show (he believes he’ll get something like 20 grand if she reads it).  I ask him to read it to me – he says no, but he’ll sell me the poem for $10!  Gotta love Chicago.

Chicago skyline HDR, from top of the John Hancock

Mike playing Sax


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