Contemplating St Anthony

I used to think about photography as my way of capturing my experiences and the way I see the world and sharing it all with other people.  As I started to get deeper and deeper into it, I started realize that photography was actually changing the way I see the world.  It’s hard to pause and just enjoy the moment or the view – there’s never enough time (or patience).  But taking great landscape photos doesn’t give you much choice – you wait for sunset, search for the light, contemplate how to tell the story of the experience, ….  Even if you aren’t going deeper into the moment and the shoot, you’re going to have some downtime waiting for certain moments.  Photography makes you reflect.

While I was waiting at St Anthony Falls for the sunset to fade to blue light, these two came up, hopped over the fence where I was set up, and climbed right out to the edge while the Mississippi River poured over the falls.  We all just sat there for ten quiet minutes watching downtown Minneapolis light up.  I felt a bit like I was taking a self-portrait, we were all experiencing the exact same moment in silence.

St Anthony Falls - Minneapolis

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