St Paul in the New Millennium

My love for photography was born in London when I lived there for six months back in 2000.  I walked all over the city photographing everything in site.  Literally.  Some days I would walk 20-25 miles, shooting hundreds of images (not that I would consider many of those “keepers” these days).  The Millennium Bridge was brand new and I was excited to shoot it.  Unfortunately, it also closed 2 days after it opened, because it would shake like a leaf in the wind when people walked on it.  The bridge was later fixed, but I missed my chance to photograph it.  I never thought it would take 16 years to return to a place I loved so much, but life can be that way.  I finally made it back this year..  I got up early the first morning, shook off my jet lag, and walked straight to the bridge.  It was a magical experience to stand there, practically alone, and watch the day break over London.  I felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me as the blue dawn began to bring the bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral to life.  London still feels like a second home to me.

St Paul's Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge in London at the blue hour

Greg Benz Photography