G-Bench Panel Release Notes (Version History)

Want to learn more about G-Bench? Please click here.

Note: G-Bench is UXP panel which is compatible with any Mac or Windows computer running Photoshop 2022 or later.

G-Bench is also built into Lumenzia v10+ and Web Sharp Pro v3.4+. There is no need for the standalone panel if you have my other panels. Just go to the flyout (top-right three bars icon) / Utilities to find the same G-Bench functionality built into these panels.

G-Bench v1.1.1 (March 3, 2022):

  • Fixed: Available RAM was reported incorrectly.

G-Bench v1.1.0 (Nov 22, 2021):

  • Updated: Added a workaround to allow the rest of the tests to complete on computers if the auto-align test cannot complete.
  • Updated: The flyout menu (top-right) now links to these release notes.
  • Updated: XLSX template now color codes items affected by GPU for reference.
  • Updated: Added install instructions for the CCX to the ZIP download.
  • Fixed: Other minor errors.

G-Bench v1.0.2 (Nov 20, 2021):

  • Updated: Clarified an error message where a PS bug may cause auto-align to fail on some computers.
  • Fixed: An error when RAW file prefs are set to open a JPG as a Smart Object.

G-Bench v1.0.1 (Nov 20, 2021):

  • New: Initial release
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