The Bonsai Rock

A huge thanks to Karen Hutton for the suggestion to visit Bonsai Rock.  These hearty bonsai trees have somehow established a foothold in the cracks of this large boulder near the shore of Lake Tahoe.  There were a couple other photographers down around me, but the area had this very zen-like feeling that the photo portrays.  Everything was calm, and the cloudless sky just had a beautiful warm glow at sunset as I looked over the frigid lake.

Click here for a map to Bonsai Rock.  To get there, look for the handful of cars parked by the side of the road in what appears to be nowhere, and look for a trail down the hill.  The hill is somewhat steep, and the footing very loose, so be careful and be sure to bring some kind of flashlight or headlamp if you’re trying to shoot sunrise or sunset!

Bonzai and the Tranquility of Tahoe

Greg Benz Photography