Lumenzia LITE Support and Tutorials 

This page is designed to help learn Lumenzia LITE and some of the basic principals of luminosity masking. You can easily return to this page simply by clicking the "Tutorials" button in the panel.

Additional resources:

Getting started with Lumenzia LITE:


The general workflow is:

  • Preview: click any preview button (such as L3 for lights, D5 for a very restrictive darks). You may continue clicking different preview buttons to find the best preview. Or click "X" to discard the preview if you do not wish to apply it.
  • Apply as a mask or selection: click any of the buttons in the third row to apply as a selection, mask on a curves layer, etc.

Advanced users who prefer working with channels, may also go to the flyout menu (three bars icon at top-right of the panel) to create or remove all the luminosity channels.

Lumenzia LITE also includes G-Bench, a benchmarking utility for Photoshop. Go to the flyout / utilities to start G-Bench.