Lumenzia LITE (the FREE luminosity masking panel)

Lumenzia LITE is inspired by Lumenzia. It is a free panel offering fundamental capabilities for creating luminosity masks and selections. Learn more about the LITE version in the video below and click the button to get your free copy. Or read further below to learn more about the additional capabilities offered in the premium version of Lumenzia.

How it works:

  • Preview to easily choose the right preset or custom mask.
  • Apply the preview as a selection or mask.

Lumenzia LITE is a UXP panel which works on any computer (including Apple Silicon / M1) running PS 2022 or later. If you are using an older version of Photoshop, the LITE installation materials will direct you to an older free panel / actions which you may use instead to create luminosity channels.

Lumenzia (the premium version)

The premium version also includes:

  • Sliders and other controls to customize previews in an infinite number of ways.
  • Color masks (select by color and/or luminosity, visually).
  • Zone and Range pickers (select the right mask visually by clicking on the image).
  • Add, subtract, or intersect any mask or selection for advanced control.
  • Unique previews such as vibrance, saturation, out of gamut, "lighter/darker", and range
  • Local Contrast Enhancement (easily and automatically bring out more detail)
  • Custom vignettes.
  • Create and visualize dodge & burn layers
  • Tools like "Edge" and "Combine" to refine luminosity masks.
  • PreBlend to facilitate exposure blending
  • Visualizations such as heat maps or split-screen to see the mask and image simultaneously
  • Hours of included tutorials, including the "?" button for help on any button in the panel.
  • BlendIf, path, and vector mask support (to save file space and avoid the need to update masks).
  • Support for LAB, Grayscale, and 32-bit color modes.
  • The Lumenzia Basics panel with extra support for common tasks and some extra features.
  • And hundreds of other capabilities. See here for more details
Learn more about the FULL (premium) version of Lumenzia