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Lumenzia Support: List of Topics 

Key resources:

The links below provide detailed support on specific sub-topics. There is no specific order to work through these tutorials for new users, but the written manual (in the ZIP download) contains a suggested learning plan if you are unsure where to start. The "Quick Start" video is the best single video to start with and can be viewed via the overview page linked above.

The written manual is the most complete reference, including many details beyond what is shown in the topical videos.

"Preview" buttons:

Apply buttons:

Refine buttons:

Other buttons:

Lumenzia Basics Panel:

Note: Lumenzia has received numerous free updates (see version history for details). As a result, the interface shown in some of the older videos may look slightly different. A couple of buttons have been renamed ("Color Group" is now just "Color", and "Ungroup" is now "Combine). But the functionality remains essentially the same.