Non-destructive sharpening and dust spot removal in Lumenzia v1.3

Lumenzia v1.3 is now available and includes a completely new non-destructive sharpening tool, a dust spot visualization tool, and more!

Sharpening in Lumenzia is now based on a high-pass filter approach.  This provides greater detail for landscape images, a fast and fully visual workflow, and the sharpening is non-destructive.  If you make any change to the image after you sharpen it (such as removing dust spots, adding a filter effect, etc), you can now simply click a button to update the sharpening layer.  Lumenzia will update it based on the current state of the image, while retaining the amount of sharpening, opacity, and any layer mask you had applied!  Here’s a quick demo:


Lightroom and Photoshop Camera RAW already have a great tool for finding dust spots in RAW images, but what do you do if you’ve already edited an image and need to find and remove dust?  Lumenzia now also includes a feature to help check for dust spots.  Just click on it to help see the dust, and then use Photoshop’s healing/cloning tools to fix the image.  Here’s an overview of the new “✓dust” feature:


And Lumenzia v1.3 also includes several other enhancements, which are listed in the release notes.

Lumenzia v1.3 a free upgrade for all Lumenzia customers (new download links have been sent to the email address used to purchase Lumenzia).

Greg Benz Photography