I’m a guest presenter to the EXPOSED photography club at the University of Wisconsin at Stout tonight.  I’m honored to have been invited, thank you!

For those who saw me speak tonight, here are my slides/notes.  And here are some additional notes on how to yourself up for lab printing.


  • Caitlin Nehring

    Thanks so much for your willingness to share your experiences as well as your tips on workflow! It has been helpful as a growing photographer who dreams of owning my own business someday!

    Quick question that I should have asked when you presented: I am focusing on wedding photography and I know that you have done some beautiful work! What kind of portible flash equipment do you use for a typical wedding; especially for those standard family shots of about 8-15 people? Also if you could think of one tip to enhance or focus on when shooting a wedding what would it be?

    Again Thanks for coming to Exposed!

  • For a wedding I use 1 or 2 hotshoe flashes (Nikon SB-800). If I had to light a large group in a church and had an assistant, an Alien Bee is what I’d bring (Quantum flash is used by many wedding photogs). For the large group, shooting into/through a large umbrella (or two) or bouncing off a wall is needed to soften shadows. Take only what you need, plan ahead to pack light. And don’t forget to gel your light to match the ambient.

    One tip for a wedding… I could say many things, but I think the most important thing is to understand your client and make sure you really understand what they want. If you’re looking for a shooting tip, get redundant gear (2 cameras), low light capable lenses (f/2.8 or faster), and pack light/simple.

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