Introducing Lumenzia: a completely new approach to Luminosity Masks

Luminosity masking is one of the most powerful ways to create professional results in Photoshop.  But they can also be challenging to learn and use, so I’ve created the Lumenzia – a luminosity masking panel for Photoshop.  Lumenzia makes it dramatically easier to use luminosity masks, and at the same time offers new tools and complete flexibility to achieve results that aren’t possible with a channels-based approach to luminosity masking.

With Lumenzia’s interactive approach to luminosity masking:

  • What you see is what you get!  With Lumenzia, you get a full screen preview of the mask before you apply it.  This makes it faster and easier to select the right mask.  And if you use group masks to control luminosity masks, you can combine them into a single mask, which makes it much easier to visually understand the impact of multiple masks.
  • You can select what you see!  You don’t have to know which mask relates to the tone you want to select, just use the built in picker tool to click on a part of the image, and a custom mask is created for you automatically.  These custom masks have the same gradual transitions that make luminosity mask adjustments look so natural.  And they are custom matched to your image (there are over 500 possible masks with the picker tool, but all you have to do is click on the tones you want to select).  Lumenzia has a full range of luminosity masks, zone masks, and saturation masks.  And all of the masks can be tweaked, so the options are limitless!
  • Refine masks with ease!  You can refine masks with a simple selection (restrict the luminosity mask to areas you select and Lumenzia automatically feathers the result to create a natural result).  Or you can refine masks by color (which makes it a lot easier to make the sky more blue without any consequences to the green tree in front of it).   You can determine which tones or saturation values are selected and how much.  And you can determine how quickly the masks fade to black to protect other parts of the image.  Of course, you can still manually paint on the masks if you want, but you can often skip that step or finish the mask more quickly.
  • Swap masks with a single click!  Not sure if you should use a Lights(2) or a Lights(3) mask?  No problem.  If you’ve applied the wrong mask, it just takes one click to replace the mask on an existing layer mask.
  • Stay organized.   Mask names are automatically applied to new layers, so you can easily tell which luminosity mask you used (and you can always rename the layers however you like).
  • Minimize clutter.  You don’t need to use the channels pallet, ever.  Avoid flipping between panels and leave more room to see your layers.
  • Minimize file size.  Because you aren’t creating channels, file size is automatically significantly reduced (without the need to manually delete channels).  A TIF from my D810 grows from 200MB to 1.4GB when I create channel masks.  I can always delete them, but that’s one more step to do/remember.   And if you use group masks to restrict your luminosity masks, Lumenzia can combine those masks to significantly cut down on file size.  I find that this can often reduce the size of my files a further 20-50%!
  • Undo practically anything.  Every action in Lumenzia shows up as a single history step.  So undoing is always as simple as <ctrl>-Z.  And, because everything is listed a single history step, it’s easy to review what you’ve done and go back (even if you have Photoshop set to only save 10-20 history states).
  • Create beautiful vignettes with ease.  Just draw a quick selection around the target area and click vignette (or don’t select anything at all and you’ll get a standard vignette that works great for many images).  Off-center vignettes?  No problem.  Want to create a vignette that isn’t just a simple oval?  No problem.  Want to make the center lighter or the edges darker?  No problem.  Vignette but protect the shadows?  You get the idea.
  • Powerful sharpening tool.  If you’ve never heard of “surface sharpening” it’s an approach that can product some amazing results.  Lumenzia uses an approach that is optimized to sharpen 16-bit images 3-4 faster than normal.   And because it’s integrated with luminosity masking, you can easily apply masks to do things like sharpen the highlights (without increasing noise in the shadows).
  • Easy dodging and burning.  A single click creates a dodge/burn layer for you, with a luminosity mask if desired.

Ready to take luminosity masking to the next level?  Get Lumenzia.


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