Lumenzia v3

[Update to this post:  Lumenzia version 4 is now available.]


I’m excited to announce that version 3.0 of my Lumenzia luminosity masking panel is now available.   This is the eleventh major update, and the most ambitious yet!  It’s also a free upgrade for all Lumenzia customers.  This newest update includes dozens of  enhancements (over 50 total), but I’m just going to focus on three in this post.  Please see the release notes for a full list of changes.

BlendIf Luminosity Masking

Nearly all of Lumenzia’s masks may now be created as BlendIf masks!  I’m not talking about a simple highlight or shadow option, but a completely full range of masks created with BlendIf with a simple click or two.  Even if you’re familiar with BlendIf, you probably haven’t used them this way, and it probably took you a lot of time to tweak the results.   This completely novel approach to luminosity masking offers a couple of huge advantages over using layer masks:

  • First, BlendIf masks do not increase file size at all.  By comparison, a single layer mask on an image from a Nikon D810 may increase the size of a TIF file by about 70MB.  That quickly adds up to gigabytes of savings across your images, even if you only use it occasionally.
  • Second, BlendIf masks are dynamic.  If the underlying layers are changed, the mask is automatically updated.  This prevents a lot of rework.  For example, if you clone out a dust spot, you won’t need to recreate the mask to clone the dust out of it too – it will always be up to date.

These masks can be based on either “this” or the underlying layers, and can be customized as much as you like.  And Lumenzia includes a visualization feature that lets you see exactly where the BlendIf is being applied (even if it’s based on “this” layer, which can’t be shown with an overlay effect).

BlendIf masks are an excellent compliment to traditional luminosity layer masks.  They can also be customized and applied to targeted areas of the image via group or color masks.  However, layer masks still offer more flexibility for extensive customization (ie, editing pixels in the mask).  I recommend using BlendIf masks for tasks such as:

  • Sharpening just the highlights, to avoid noise in the shadows
  • Targeting the sky to improve sunset color
  • Precise targeting of shadows for color correction
  • Quick exposure blending
  • Precise blending of city lights
  • And just about any situation where you don’t need to manually edit the pixels of a luminosity mask

Layer masks are still ideal for pixel level control, such as dodging and burning, painting through selections, and complex exposure blending.  The combination of the two approaches allows for both high quality results and a more efficient workflow.


Local Contrast Enhancement

The new “Contrast” button allows you to quickly punch up specific areas in the image.  Just create a selection or mask preview, then click the Contrast button.  Lumenzia will analyze the tonal range of the selected area and automatically create an S-shaped curve to increase contrast over the targeted area.  It further adds a mask to prevent contrast adjustment in other areas of the image.  The resulting contrast curve layer is created with a moderate opacity, so you can increase or decrease the amount of contrast adjustment simply by increasing or decreasing the new layer’s opacity.  And of course you may tweak the S-curve as well if you like.

So you could use this new feature in a few ways.  Draw a quick lasso selection and click Contrast to boost that area.  Or click on light zone mask and contrast to boost contrast in the clouds.  You can combine both approaches.  Or, you can skip both to interactively pick the range of tones to boost contrast with a couple clicks on the image.



Luminosity masks may now be created, previewed, and customized natively in color.  Just click on the color buttons at the top of the panel and then click on the desired tonal range.  This makes it incredibly easy to isolate subjects that have similar luminosity to their surroundings.  And the color masks are based on saturation, not channels, so you get a clean separation from extraneous colors and grays.

And if you just need to target color, you can still use the “Color” button, which now supports the ability to select multiple color ranges at the same time.  For example, you can pick both yellow and green to target a broader range of foliage.


Please see the Lumenzia overview, demos, and FAQ for more info or to start enhancing your images.

  • jack goodman

    I tried blend-if and when I press IF is see whats being selected but the selected colors just stay on the image. Very confusing.

  • Click the “If” button again (while the BlendIf layer is selected) to get rid of the green preview. Recommend watching the tutorial video for more info.

  • jack goodman

    Thanks Greg
    I did watch your video but it didn’t explain pressing the blend if button again. Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Jack G

  • Kenneth Darcy Brown

    great improvements to the already stellar Lumenzia

  • Thanks!

  • Carmen Natale

    Just starting to explore the upgrade. Like what I see so far and what I’ve read in the Release Notes…is there is a way to turn off the “tool tips” window that pops up each time I hover over a button?

  • There are no settings for the tooltips. They will appear if you hover long enough.

  • Gareth Davies

    Superb update Greg, i will have a play with this new version tonight. I think the blenif feature will really come in useful. Regards Fletcher.

  • Helder Caixinha

    Hi Greg…. As a Lumenzia costumer I didn’t receive the update link email message. And I’m eager to start exploring this new version. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • Have fun!

  • Larry Gibson

    Hi Greg
    I just installed Lumenzia V3 and love it. Im having some issues with crating a curse adjustment, then making L3 selection.
    I get the cures adjustment and next to that is the selection mask. But if I select the mask it doesn’t show in the preview window like in your video. I want to modify the mask but it does not show up as a black & white mask. (only as an original image)
    What Im I doing wrong ?

  • If you want to add a customized L3 mask to an existing curves layer, please follow these steps: (1) Make sure Lumenzia is in “normal” mode at top (if you are in Photoshop CC, otherwise the default for CS6) and click on L3 to get the orange preview layers, (2) modify the orange preview layers as desired, (3) click on the curve layer to which you want to add the mask and make it invisible if it already has an adjustment so that it doesn’t influence the mask, (4) click the “Mask” button to apply the orange preview layers as a layer mask on the targeted layer and make that layer visible again if needed.

    I recommend clicking the “tutorials” button and watching the “Quick Start” video, where I show this general process to customize and apply the mask.

  • SevenOranges

    Hi Greg
    I use CS6 and cannot find the Mode buttons on the panel….am I missing it somewhere else.

  • Does not exist on CS6, please see written manual and button reference in ZIP “manuals” subfolder.

  • Lumenzia can be purchased from this page: Please see the FAQ link on that page for other questions. If you received the free tutorial, you have the download link to the free panel, at the bottom of the email. Please email me directly if you have further questions.

  • That’s the main problem with those “curse” adjustments. I have ’em all the time. lol

  • The following tutorial on curves may help:

  • Baljit Singh

    Hi Greg. I did not receive the update to v3. How do I go about this? Thanks

  • Your update link was emailed Feb 13. Please see the following tips to whitelist the DPD email and avoid it getting lost in spam:
    Re-sending your link now.

  • Baljit Singh

    Thanks Greg. Received it. Sorry for the trouble.

  • Jeff Priester

    Sorry Greg – I seem to have missed my update email as well. Please resend, I’m eager to catch up. Many thanks.

  • Done.

  • Indrajeet Dasgupta

    If I buy a copy of the software, can I use it both on my laptop and PC.

  • Yes.

  • Patrick Philippot

    Just a question about updates : I don’t see any way to download the product without going to the purchase page (the Download link leads to the “Add to basket” page). I don’t see any “Check for updates” button anywhere either. Should I only rely on update notifications received by email ? Thanks.

  • All updates are sent via email. Just contact me directly if you need anything.

  • Shang Guo

    Hi Greg,
    Does the free panel version work with Photoshop CC 2017? Thanks.

  • Yes.

  • Shang Guo

    Thank you, Greg. If I don’t install the panel, but just install the action, where can I download the action file?

  • The free actions are in the same download as the free panel (they operate independently, I just put them in the same ZIP for simplicity).

  • Shang Guo

    Yes, it works. Thank you so much!!

  • Tommaso Tocci

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve already subscribed to the list few days ago but I have not got yet the link to download Lumenzia.
    Thank you

  • Lumenzia is a paid product.

  • Tommaso Tocci

    What about “Get free luminosity masking panel, tutorials and more”? I thought the panel was free

  • I have a free panel, and Lumenzia. Totally different.

  • Tommaso Tocci

    You are right, sorry. I wanted to say I have not got yet the free panel.

  • Link at the bottom of the email you opened yesterday.

  • Tommaso Tocci

    Got it..Thank you so much for your help and to share with us your panel

  • No problem, enjoy!

  • Gareth Davies

    Hi Greg, my wife Fran & I have started using your Lumenzia V4 plugin a lot more now for our Equine Portraits. Really is making our images pop and stand out. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the updates and hard work you put into Lumenzia. Regards Fletcher & Fran K2photographic

    For anyone using the free panel, The paid Lumenzia plugin is worth every penny and as Greg introduces new features the upgrades don’t cost you a penny more.

    Support people who support you and purchase a plugin so Greg is rewarded for his efforts.

  • That’s fantastic, thank you!

  • uzairshah

    Hello Greg. I got the lumenzia panel it works greath with cc 2015 except for this update error which i get with every adjustment. Is there a way to get rid of it

  • Please check for updates to CC 2015 (Help/Updates In Photoshop). If you click PreBlend and Photoshop crashes, that would be confirmation that you are using an old version of 2015 with a serious bug which was fixed by the final version of 2015.

  • uzairshah

    No im haveing absolutely no trouble with the panel everything is working. but its gives this error message that it might crash so i have to click ok everytime other than an annoying message everythings working great

  • Did you check for updates? Which specific version of 2015 do you have?

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