Announcing Web Sharp Pro:

I’ve just released “Web Sharp Pro” to make it easy to ensure that your images look amazing wherever you share them online.

This Photoshop extension panel offers:

  • 1-click exports of any image that take care of cropping, resizing, sharpening, and the other key steps for making a web-ready JPG for you
  • Batch processing to convert an unlimited number of images all at once
  • Social media templates to easily optimize for popular sites
  • Advanced options such as support for Instagram slidersletterboxing, etc
  • Crop overlays to use multiple custom crops / settings on any image
  • Template editors to customize for all your needs
  • Add watermarks / copyright to promote and protect your work
  • And much more that I’ll be sharing soon

Learn more and download via

Web Sharp Pro v2-2-0

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