What I Wouldn’t Do for the Shot

Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ is so famous that you’re practically elbow to elbow with other photographers these days. But there are actually several beautiful slot canyons in the area. I explored Mountain Sheep Canyon a few days after some heavy rains. When it does rain here in the desert, these slot canyons become raging rivers. The water can hit so hard and fast that it flows as fast as cars moving down a freeway. Safety is a big concern during the rains, as several people have actually died in these canyons. But that tremendous force is what carves out these beautiful slot canyons. Exploring them after the rains becomes a different sort of challenge – I was waist deep in muddy water! Needless to say, my shoes were trashed.

Greg Benz knee deep in flooded Mountain Sheep Canyon, Page, AZ.

Greg Benz Photography