What’s new in Web Sharp Pro v5?

I’m happy to announce the launch of Web Sharp Pro v5, which is another free update for all existing customers. You can see key highlights in the three short videos below.

Web Sharp Pro v5 offers:

  • The ability to save any combination of settings as a preset. For example: you could create one preset to export to Facebook with blur border, one for a 4×5 Instagram portrait template with some added grain, and third for a larger watermarked version of the same image for your website. The options are endless. Whatever your needs, you can easily switch between the settings presets you create with just a few clicks. (see video #1)
  • Add up to three buttons to immediately sharpen with favorite saved presets. So you could export with presets you’ve created with a single click. (see video #1)
  • Bulk export with multiple different settings. When you click “batch” you can now choose any of your new saved presets to use on all the files you select for batch processing. You can also use this with the new Lightroom / Capture One integration.(see video #1)
  • Integration with Lightroom and Capture One. Just create a simple export template for either program and when you use it, Web Sharp Pro will automatically batch process all the images you’ve selected. (see video #2)
  • Your crops are remembered for future use. You no longer need to use crop overlays to save your preferred crops with the source image. If you create a custom crop for Facebook and a different crop for a 1×1 export, for example, those crops will be used the next time you export the image. You can choose to change them, or just use them automatically. This allows you to get the exact same custom crop any time you need to re-export the image for a given aspect ratio. (see video #3)
  • Support for multiple watermarks. You may import as many as you like for different watermarking needs.(see video #1)
  • And more. See the release notes for full details on the changes (be sure to look back to v5.0, these new features have been released in a succession of quick updates).

The combined effect of these updates is that you can now use the simpler “quick export” method to do nearly anything in the panel. Of course, the crop overlay method is still available when you want extra visualizations for safe margins, splitting into rows/columns, or when working with images where you’ve already added overlays.

Part 1: Bulk export with saved settings, buttons for favorites, and multiple watermarks

Part 2: Integration with Lightroom / CaptureOne

Part 3: Custom crops


Greg Benz Photography