Create gorgeous images with this free web sharpening panel for Photoshop

There are a large number of subtle but important considerations when outputting your post-processed image for the web. Does it look sharp after resizing? Is it properly color managed? Will it get cut off in some strange way because it isn’t cropped to a specific size? I released a free web sharpening script in March to help you obtain high-quality results easily. I am happy to announce that it has been updated to v2 as a UXP panel for Photoshop 2021+, with numerous improvements.

This free web sharpening panel offers:

  • New: A panel interface within Photoshop for easy access to sharpen at any time (also includes quick access to tutorials).
  • Extremely high-quality sharpening so that your images look their best.
  • New: Interactive cropping overlay templates to help you get the perfect crop.
  • New: Save custom preset sizes for Facebook, Instagram, etc (via the cropping overlays).
  • New: Output multiple sizes (or color conversions) of the image at once.
  • New: Add copyright metadata to images.
  • Remove sensitive metadata (GPS location, etc).
  • Automatic color space conversion to sRGB (or optionally to P3 on macOS).
  • Add film grain for a dreamy, nostalgic quality.
  • Multiple compression options to control the balance between file size and quality.



For full details and support videos, please click the “Tutorials” button in the panel.

Greg Benz Photography