You Gotta Get Wet

Not that long ago, I had a bit of an aversion to getting soaked to take a picture.  Maybe I thought I’d ruin my shoes, that the mountain water would be too frigid, or that salty seawater would eat my camera.  That all seems silly to me now.

A huge number of my favorite shots involve water.  Streams like this one that serve as leading lines bring you into the scene.  Imagine if I just stood at the edge of the river, not a very thrilling photo.  Or reflections, like the puddle I knelt in yesterday to replace a boring foreground with beautiful symmetry and color.  Or the intimacy of powerful ocean waves, that give structure and energy to many of my coastal sunset images.

These days, I not only embrace the water, I come prepared (and think about the safety aspects, as you can get into trouble quickly with moving water).  I bring dry cloths to wipe water off my lenses and camera.  I wear comfortable shoes that I don’t mind getting wet.  If the water’s a little too deep or cold, I may bring fishing waders.  Though you still might not want to invite me for fine dining right after sunset, it’s all just part of the love of the image.

You can be a bystander, or you can jump in the action.  The pictures will show the difference.

Pink sunset and mountain over a flowing stream

Greg Benz Photography