Cotton Candy on the Carlyle

I was ready to crush this photo.  Killer sunset?  Yep!  Bad ass 36-megapixel camera?  Check.  Top of the line wide-angle lens?  Check.  Carbon Fiber tripod?  You betcha.  50 cent Allen wrench to connect bad ass camera to tripod?  F!!!  Luckily my friend Josh was planning to shoot with me, but per-occupied with his 3-year old, and offered to loan me his tripod – thanks Josh!

It’s hard to lose on nights like this when you have high clouds above the setting sun, the whole sky looked like cotton candy – I just wanted to eat it.  The Carlyle, the 3rd Ave Bridge, the Mississippi, and a killer sky.  All I needed was a good beer – ok, had that too.

Edited with Lumenzia.

The Carlyle Building and 3rd Ave Bridge in downtown Minneapolis with a beautiful pink sunset skyline

Greg Benz Photography