Stone Arch Tranquility

This is the iconic Stone Arch Bridge over a very calm Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis, with the downtown skyline, mills, and Guthrie Theater in the background.  The water was pretty high (which seems strange since Minnehaha Creek is so dry there’s just dirt and rocks in some places!)  Given the high water, I used a few rocks to get out for the angle I wanted.  Just as I was getting ready to shoot, some dad and his kids came down.  The riverfront is pretty big, and four people ought to fit alongside it easily enough.  For some reason, this bozo started teaching his kids to skip (mostly throw) rocks about 10 feet from me.  Thanks splashing around my gear, while I try not to fall in the river, buddy.  All worked out fine, as I stayed dry and the picture turned out great.

Stone Arch Bridge Tranquility


Greg Benz Photography