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  • John Mikkelson

    Hi Greg, I just want to say thanks for sharing your editing knowledge and tools here. I have just installed the Luminosity Masks in PS and I’m looking forward to learning how to take advantage of them! Some of the steps are not intuitive to me, so I’ll have some (re)watching of videos to do, but as I’m newly moved up to PS / LR (from PS Elements) this is a perfect time to get on a long-term learning curve! Now, about my 12GB of RAM…

  • You’re welcome. It’s a learning curve, but well worth the effort! You should be ok with 12GB RAM (16 is better and 32 is probably ideal if you are creating numerous layers).

  • Claytowne

    Help. I’m in an endless loop of subscribe without getting the luminosity mask actions. It’s a bit frustrating that you blame people’s spam folders. I’m getting all your emails and I never get a link tot actions.

  • You don’t show up in MailChimp, which means you either did not fill out the form, or did not click the confirmation email. Please try the signup form on MailChimp’s site if you’re having trouble on mine:

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