Known Issues (for my panels and PS/UXP)

The purpose of this page is to provide information on known issues which have not yet been fixed (these will typically be issues in Photoshop / UXP, as I otherwise tend to fix known bugs in my code very quickly - unless they are very difficult to reproduce).

Note that this list assumes you are running the latest version of Photoshop. Bugs which have been addressed by Adobe will generally be removed from this list fairly quickly.

Known issues (anything marked as UXP-related means that a Photoshop update will probably be required to address the issue):

  • A progress bar may appear while you are supposed to be working interactively with the panel (such as interactive cropping, responding to a dialog with options, entering an interactive radius for sharpening, Color Range, Content-Aware Fill, etc), resulting in the interface appearing to be stuck or unusable. This is a UXP bug requiring an update from Adobe, unresolved as of PS v23.1. Workaround: Click on the dialog (not the progress bar) to put focus on it. This will generally allow interaction with visible elements (Sky Replacement is very limited if you have selected a sky as the dropdown won't close), as well as ability to click <ESC> or the red X to close a popup without having to force-quit Photoshop.
  • Photoshop crashes when using Content-aware fill invoked from a panel. This is a UXP bug requiring an update from Adobe, unresolved as of PS v23.1. Workaround: save your work before using content-aware fill or avoid using content-aware fill from the panel until Photoshop is updated.
  • Vertical text alignment for Lumenzia buttons is significantly off-center. This is a very rare PS bug that seems to affect a few Windows users. Workaround: go to the flyout menu (top-right three bars icon) / Utilities and look for an option in the right-hand column to help fix alignment.
  • The color gradient behind the DML buttons in Lumenzia may not show any change or just partial update when clicking the color swatches at the top or clearing them. This is a UXP bug requiring an update from Adobe, unresolved as of PS v23.1. Workaround: move the mouse outside the panel, this seems to cause the interface to update properly.
  • Lumenzia v9 and older: Marching ants are not hidden as requested. This is a Photoshop bug in PS 2022+.Workaround: update to Lumenzia v10, which is not affected.
  • G-Bench fails auto-align test for some users. This is a UXP bug requiring an update from Adobe, unresolved as of PS v23.1.Workaround is built into latest G-Bench (allows you to skip this test), including G-Bench in the latest versions of Lumenzia and Web Sharp Pro.
  • Note that this list is not a comprehensive list of known bugs, just those with high impact.
  • *** Note that if any of the above workarounds are insufficient, you may also install Lumenzia v9 as a workaround. While v10 has added some new features, the focus is on UXP migration and v9 is an excellent alternative (v9 requires Rosetta for M1 users).

Photoshop beta (help get bugs fixed!)

If you are affected by a bug in Photoshop, one of the best ways to help ensure it gets resolved quickly is to participate in Adobe's beta program. This is VERY easy to do (no more complicated than downloading any version of Photoshop, and it is separate from your official version of Photoshop so that you can launch either and avoid any problems you find in the beta).

Install the beta simply by opening the Creative Cloud Desktop (CCD) app (where you install and update Photoshop normally), then go to the "beta apps" section of the list on the left to install the Photoshop beta. You can watch a video of the steps here:

Note: Be sure to enable automatic updates for the beta. In CCD, go to preferences / apps and make sure you see the blue toggle on Photoshop (beta). New releases come out roughly every 2 weeks.

Then provide feedback via

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