Lumenzia Basics 

Included with Lumenzia.

Lumenzia Basics is a supporting panel that is included with the purchase of Lumenzia. My goal with Lumenzia is to make luminosity masking as easy as possible. 

But "easy" means different things for different users. Some people just want the most critical tools, to keep the panel compact and simple. Others want a more comprehensive menu of options - not everyone has the time, experience, and inclination to memorize the wide array of Photoshop tools or shortcut keys. 

Rather than trying to make Lumenzia a compromise of these different needs, I've created Lumenzia Basics as a separate panel. This offers tremendous flexibility: you can dock Basics full-sized next to Lumenzia to see all the tools at once, minimize it to a tab or icon to be used only when needed, or skip it if entirely if you prefer to just use the main Lumenzia panel.

See it in action:

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What's included?

The Lumenzia Basics panel features:

  •  "Undo/Redo": Click multiple times to go backwards / forwards multiple states.
  •  "Fill": Content aware fill (if there is an active selection), or fill (if nothing is selected).
  •  "Stamp": Stamp visible layers (ie, create a new layer that merges all layers)
  •  "SmartObj": Convert selected layer(s) to a smart object. Or if a single smart object is selected, rasterize it.
  •  "X Mask": Enable/disable selected layer's mask.
  •  "Clip": Create or release clipping mask for selected layer(s).
  •  "Invert": Inverts active selection or selected layer's mask. Prompts with options if both are available.
  •  "Deselect": If there is no active selection, the last action selection will be re-selected.
  •  "Ants": Show/hide marching ants for active selection.
  •  Layer blend modes and "Blend If". Double-click a blend mode to return to normal blend mode (ie, if the layer is already in "overlay", clicking overlay again will revert to normal.)

Edited with Lumenzia:

Edited with Lumenzia
Edited with Lumenzia
Edited with Lumenzia
Edited with Lumenzia
Edited with Lumenzia
Edited with Lumenzia
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