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Lumenzia Demos 

Demo: Retouching a car

Exposure Blending

Lumenzia's "PreBlend" tool offers numerous ways to manually blend exposures to expand dynamic range, as well as some quick options for automatic blending. 

Custom Luminosity Masks

Not only does Lumenzia show you an exact preview of the mask before you use it, but you can customize that preview extensively by tone/color. 

Range Picker

Select any range of tones, visually. 

Exposure blending

Combine multiple photographs for increased dynamic range (create better highlight and shadow detail).

Manual Exposure Blending with multiple exposures

Learn how to blend 3 exposures.

Split Screen Mask Editing

See the effect on the image while you edit your mask. Makes it incredibly easy to paint on a mask to refine it.


Easily create custom vignettes.

Non-destructive Sponge

Quickly brush in additional color saturation in a natural way.

Refine Mask Edge

Clean up messy edges. This is incredibly helpful when blending exposures at a hard edge (such as a backlit sky or mountain).

Restore brush and Exposure Variants

See how to paint on masks non-destructively, as well as how to extract more detail from a single RAW image.

Visualize luminosity

See the image without color, to make precise edits easier to perform.

Visualize dust spots

See the image in high contrast to quickly find and repair any dust spots in the image.

Non-destructive sharpening

Demo: Make skies pop

Learn how to bring back color in the sky.

Demo: Sunset Color

Add color to the sky

Correcting vertical distortion

Get straight vertical lines using the Basics panel.