Lumenzia v10 (UXP) Beta

The purpose of this page is to provide information on the beta version of Lumenzia v10. Email notification will not be sent during the beta phase, so please check this page to get the latest on timing, versions, and known issues. Official notification will go out once the beta test is complete (an official v10 release is likely between November 15 and December 15 if I had to guess, but dependent on what is found during testing).

Latest beta: AVAILABLE October 27+. To find the latest beta available, please check back on this page. I will not be emailing beta updates, and will not have time to respond individually to email questions about it. Please refer to this page for all questions on the beta.

To get the beta (AVAILABLE October 27+): download the Lumenzia ZIP file like you would for any update (see here to get your link). Anytime you download, you will be getting the latest version available. Inside the ZIP file will be folders for both v9 (the current CEP panel) and the v10 beta.

To report any issues with the beta: Please email me with as much detail as possible (it is important that I be able to replicate your issue in order for me to fix it).

To install the beta: See here for information to install from the CCX file. Lumenzia v10 requires the newest UXP APIs and therefore requires Photoshop v22.5 at a minimum. If you have an older version of Photoshop, you may continue using the CEP version of Lumenzia (v9.2.2 will remain available for CS6 and legacy CC users).

See here for information to install the Photoshop (PS) beta if desired, which addresses some issues below and may help catch possible new UXP bugs before an official Photoshop update.

Known issues (anything marked as a UXP means that a Photoshop update will probably be required to address the issue):

  • Speed is slow under PS v22.5, and addressed in the latest PS beta. **
  • Error message when there is a Gradient Map adjustment layer in the image (UXP bug in PS v22.5, fixed in PS beta). **
  • "Range" fails on the 2nd picker under PS v22.5.x. (UXP bug in PS v22.5, fixed in PS beta). **
  • The interface may not update immediately after using a CEP panel (such as any previous version of Lumenzia). For example, the "Sel" button may not show green for an active selection. (UXP bug)
  • Numeric input fields may not work correctly with decimal points or long numbers. (UXP bug)
  • The color gradient behind the buttons may not update entirely when clicking on the red, blue, etc buttons (UXP bug).
  • Edge's Select Subject does not work (UXP bug).
  • Vignettes output as a vector mask are not yet as good as the CEP panel, due to current UXP limitations. Normal layer masks are unaffected.
  • “Sel” popup dialog flickers when choosing channels (UXP limitation). Workaround: uncheck “preview channels"
  • MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) is no longer supported by Adobe and is prone to visual problems (image going blank, previews fail to update, etc). I can only support operating systems supported by Adobe. Please update to a newer version of MacOS if you experience any issues.

** Given multiple significant bugs in UXP in PS22.5, I will raise the required version of Photoshop as soon as we have fixes for these issues. However, it is good enough at this point for testing to keep moving Lumenzia forward to be ready when Photoshop is.

Planned, but not yet implemented in the current beta:

  • Drop shadow on text elements (to make them easier to read in modes like LIVE-S) and buttons. This is not yet supported in UXP.
  • Option to Install the custom workspace via Utilities/Optimize.

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