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Lumenzia Updates 

Updates to Lumenzia are provided as a link sent via email. To ensure you get updates, please follow these steps carefully:

  • The most common reasons users cannot find Lumenzia update emails are: checking the wrong email address (as the registered email may not be your primary email), the email is stuck in spam, or the user actually did not purchase Lumenzia (which is completely different from my free panel).
  • Be sure to check the email account you used to purchase (ie, the email address used at the time of purchase, often a PayPal address), as this is where updates will be emailed. Lumenzia and my newsletter come from different computer systems, so your Lumenzia updates may well go to a different email address than the one where you recieve my newsletters.
  • Add [email protected] to your “safe sender” list, and try searching for that address in your email. The update emails never come directly from Greg. This is the “from” email address on all Lumenzia downloads. If you do not add it to your known sender list, your email provider may put the updates into your spam folders. (You may also wish to search for this email address to find update emails that are buried.) 
  • Be sure to sign up for Greg's newsletter (and add his from address to your "safe sender" list as well). While the download links will not come from Greg's address, information about Lumenzia does. Note that you must confirm subscription to my newsletter in order to receive it (there is no separate opt-in for Lumenzia, if you already subscribed to my newsletter, you are all set).
  • If you cannot find the link email in your spam folders or the email account used for purchase, you may request a new link be emailed to you via the following website (note however that this may only be done a limited number of times, so you are highly encouraged to search for the email first): http://gregbenzphotography.dpdcart.com/portal
  • Click here if you are a Gmail user for information on how to keep these emails from ending up in your “promotions” folder. The vast majority of gmail users who contact me for support are ones who are not seeing the email in the promotions folder. Adding the above email addresses to your contact list and dragging the email from promotions to your inbox will teach gmail to put the updates in your inbox.
  • Please note that the download link becomes associated with your computer. It is best not to use a private browse session for download, as this could prevent you from using the link again later if needed.
  • Be sure to save the email with your download link, in case you need to download again later (to move to a new computer, etc).
  • The download link in any update email always downloads the latest version (for example, even if the email was for v4.0.0, you will get v4.1.0 if an update were released).
  • You can always update directly to the latest version (for example, if you are on version 2 and skipped a bunch of updates, you could update directly to v5 without installing any versions you skipped).
  • You should not need to uninstall Lumenzia before installing an updated version (both the JSXBIN script and Adobe Extension Manager are designed to take care of this for you). If your first attempt to install ever fails, you can always manually delete the old copy of Lumenzia and then try installing again (folder locations for Lumenzia are listed in the instructions for manual installation). However, if you are manually installing Lumenzia, deleting (or simply moving) the old copy first is a good idea.