Web Sharp Panel Release Notes (Version History)

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Web Sharp v2.0.6 (launched Oct 20, 2020)

Initial public release of the panel version of my Web Sharp Utility.

Note: This UXP panel requires Photoshop 2021 or later. If you are using an older version of Photoshop CC or CS6, please use my free web sharpening script instead.

The UXP panel includes:

  • A panel interface within Photoshop for easy access to sharpen at any time (also includes quick access to tutorials).
  • Extremely high-quality sharpening so that your images look their best.
  • New: Interactive cropping overlay templates to help you get the perfect crop.
  • New: Save custom preset sizes for Facebook, Instagram, etc (via the cropping overlays).
  • New: Output multiple sizes (or color conversions) of the image at once.
  • New: Add copyright metadata to images.
  • Remove sensitive metadata (GPS location, etc).
  • Automatic color space conversion to sRGB (or optionally to P3 on macOS).
  • Add film grain for a dreamy, nostalgic quality.
  • Multiple compression options to control the balance between file size and quality. 
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