Web Sharp Panel Release Notes (Version History)

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Note: This is a UXP panel requiring Photoshop 2021 or later. If you are using an older version of Photoshop CC or CS6, please use my free web sharpening script instead.

Web Sharp v2.3.0 (coming soon, pending Adobe review) updates include:

  • Updated: Optimizations for faster crop overlay import.
  • Updated: Sharpening slider snaps to nearest 10% (smaller increments are too minor to have significant visual impact, but you may still hold <ctrl/cmd> if you want more control to move in increments of 1%).
  • Updated [Pro]: The one-off template editor (<shift>-clicking “Crop Overlay”) offers a new “original ratio (document)” option so that you may create a template based on the current document. (This is not offered in the template editor, since its size is unrelated to any subsequent use in various images).
  • Updated [Pro]: Increased width for the quick export editor to better show long names.
  • Updated [Pro]: Quick export editor now includes scrubby options for setting height / width (just click and drag on the labels, hold <ctrl/cmd> for more control or <shift> for faster changes).
  • Updated [Pro]: Quick export editor now warns if no height or width has been provided for a user template.
  • Updated [Pro]: “Full size (as is)” has been renamed to “Full size (document)”. It will show as “Full size (selection)” if the pre-crop setting is checked and there is an active selection.
  • Updated: Quick export’s original ratio now says “(selection)” instead of “(document)" when using the appropriate setting and there is an active selection to make it more clear what is controlling the aspect ratio. 
  • Updated: Grain size / roughness sliders snap to 5% (smaller increments are too minor to have significant visual impact, but you may still hold <ctrl/cmd> if you want more control to move in increments of 1%).
  • Updated: Settings / Main: Crop dropdown has been updated to be more clear that these options affect quick export and to note the fill option.
  • Updated: Prompt to set the output folder is no longer dismissible, as this folder does not need to be reset for every PS session.
  • Updated: Watermark sliders snap to nearest 5 value (smaller increments are possible by holding <ctrl/cmd> while sliding).
  • Updated: Added warning if multiple versions of the panel are installed (if you have installed Web Sharp Pro, you should disable or uninstall the free Web Sharp panel).
  • Updated [Pro]: Added 2:1 and 3:1 panoramic ratios.
  • Updated [Pro]: Added some short descriptors for some ratios (such as “pano” for 3x1 or “cinematic” for16x9)
  • Updated [Pro]: Quick export ratios now default to landscape orientation on first use.
  • Updated: New documents now now reflects 72 dpi (this has no effect on the actual whatsoever).
  • Updated: Warning message about a Photoshop bug which impacts use of the panel when working with certain Smart Filters.
  • Updated: Crop overlay button is now greyed out when working with an already sharpened document to help guide the workflow.
  • Updated: Utilities / Reset all panel preferences to defaults now shows in red to urge caution (just resetting notifications is more typically what’s desired).
  • Updated [Pro]: Added link to customer support group in the welcome popup.
  • Updated [Pro]: “Crop overlay” now offers option to add one-off generic sharpen / grain masks, so that you may add them later or delete the generic mask and start over clean without resetting all the overlays.
  • Updated [Pro]: Generic sharpen / grain mask names updated to be easier to read.
  • Fixed: When using the appropriate setting and an active selection to pre-crop, “Full size” and “Original Ratio” quick export dimensions did not update to reflect impact of the selected area.
  • Fixed: An error message when another panel was in use.
  • Fixed: Error using the “Save for Web” compression option on Windows.
  • Fixed: Settings / Quick Export editor tooltip was inaccurate.
  • Fixed: Canceling output folder showed a warning, even though previous value was still valid.
  • Fixed: Error message (8968623423423) on older builds of PS 2021.
  • Fixed: Error using the “Save for Web” compression option on Windows.
  • Fixed: Error message when clicking to import a watermark and cancelling the dialog.
  • Fixed: Error message when adding one-off template with a grid.
  • Fixed [Pro]: clicking <enter> in one-off template editor creates template cancels the dialog.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Scrolling in quick export editor during move up/down was erratic.
  • Fixed: Quick export editor would not clear you clear height / width.
  • Fixed: Batch continues if users cancels during warning about hidden overlay.

Web Sharp v2.2.0 (launched Mar 16, 2021) updates include:

  • Updated [Pro]: “Crop Overlay” can now be used to add a custom template to the current document. This allows you to create new overlays without having to add them to the master template. Just <shift>-click Crop Overlay, or choose it from the options when clicking “Crop Overlay” if you already have overlays.
  • Updated [Pro]: Added support for batch processing RAW files. [Note: if your image has an XMP “ idecar" file in the same folder, the RAW processing will be used. If you are using Lightroom, go to the Catalog settings and check “automatically write changes into XMP” so that future edits are saved in sidecar files, this will allow you to batch process RAW files edited in Lightroom without having to export temporary files from Lightroom.]
  • Updated [Pro]: Template editor now includes option to override default sharpening amount.
  • Updated [Pro]: Template editor now includes option to override default grain amount (size/roughness options not available here, just edit the overlay name if further customization desired).
  • Updated [Pro]: Template editor now includes option to set margins in template to help visualize safe width/height.
  • Updated [Pro]: Template editor layout visually updated (cropping and override color grouped).
  • Updated: A keyword is added to the exported file to note the overlay / quick export / layer comp used to produce it. This allows you to help sort and search the output in Lightroom (search for “contains words” or "contains all” when searches include a space).
  • Updated: Added flyout menu link to release notes for the panel.
  • Updated: Automatic cleanup of unused internal layers, to make it easier to manually delete overlays one at a time.
  • Updated [Free]: Info about Web Sharp Pro panel.
  • Updated: Output folder is now remembered (no need to specify it every time you load the panel).
  • Updated: Panel icon colors (to help differentiate free and pro panels)
  • Updated: Long output folder names in Settings are now truncated with …
  • Updated: Speed optimizations when using grain.
  • Updated: Updated popup behavior so that <tab> moves better through input fields.
  • Updated [Pro]: Added “Crop” label to the crop dropdown options. 
  • Updated [Pro]: Added scrubby input for column/row dimensions (ie, click and drag the text label to change the numeric values).
  • Updated: When choosing “remove metadata”, the creation date in the original tab is now preserved (as well as copyright, which was already preserved). Note that the “date created” field in the Basic tab is actually separate and set by the file system and will therefore continue to reflect the date the new sharpening file was created.
  • Updated: Robustness improvements to handle opening and immediately closing an image.
  • Updated [Free]: Added button in free panel welcome menu to learn more about the Pro panel.
  • Updated: If no documents are open, clicking “Crop Overlay” will ask if you would like to edit the master template.
  • Updated [Pro]: New one-off overlays are now visible when created.
  • Updated: Added a warning for improper settings.
  • Updated: Added some additional error checks.
  • Updated [Pro]: List of batch filenames truncated for simplicity.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Quick export still prompted to crop even when dropdown is set to use letterbox.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Could not ctrl/shift-click to select multiple files for “Batch”.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Batch attempted to proceed after canceling file picker.
  • Fixed [Pro]: An error message when using layer comps.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Multi-column output creates wrong number of columns
  • Fixed [Pro]: Improper error message about row overlap when splitting too rows. 
  • Fixed [Pro]: Advanced template editor overlap estimate was incorrect. 
  • Fixed [Pro]: When leaving document open, final output may be flattened instead of showing separate sharpening/grain layers.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Overlay template rotation may be ignored.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Multiple prompts asking about layer comps when processing a file with multiple overlays.
  • Fixed: An error with some options when processing untagged images.
  • Fixed: “_ca” or “_lb” flag may be ignored if followed by “)"
  • Fixed: Wide popup message may not be fully visible.
  • Fixed: Could not set inputs for batch with no document open.
  • Fixed [Pro]: Batch allowed to proceed when missing dimensions (as required per quick export dropdown).
  • Fixed [Pro]: “use full size” quick export showed irrelevant numbers for height/width if no documents were open. 
  • Fixed: Enhancements to avoid nuisance message when closing documents.
  • Fixed: Adding protections to avoid error 9010 when closing a document
  • Fixed: Utilities / reset info popups may not make some dialogs reappear.
  • Fixed: Formatting of popup dialog for untagged images.

Web Sharp v2.1.0 (launched Feb 21, 2021) updates include:

  • New: Initial release of the Web Sharp PRO panel !!!
  • New: Simple quick export interface to set output size. You can now set the output sizes right from the main panel, use a dropdown to choose various ratios (and then just specify height or width), swap height and width.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improved error messages.

Web Sharp v2.0.6 (launched Oct 20, 2020)

Initial public release of the panel version of my Web Sharp Utility.

Note: This UXP panel requires Photoshop 2021 or later. If you are using an older version of Photoshop CC or CS6, please use my free web sharpening script instead.

The UXP panel includes:

  • A panel interface within Photoshop for easy access to sharpen at any time (also includes quick access to tutorials).
  • Extremely high-quality sharpening so that your images look their best.
  • New: Interactive cropping overlay templates to help you get the perfect crop.
  • New: Save custom preset sizes for Facebook, Instagram, etc (via the cropping overlays).
  • New: Output multiple sizes (or color conversions) of the image at once.
  • New: Add copyright metadata to images.
  • Remove sensitive metadata (GPS location, etc).
  • Automatic color space conversion to sRGB (or optionally to P3 on macOS).
  • Add film grain for a dreamy, nostalgic quality.
  • Multiple compression options to control the balance between file size and quality. 
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