Black & White Architecture with David Duchens and Greg Benz

Black & White Architecture with David Duchens and Greg Benz


The live workshop has passed, but you may still purchase the full replay.

Learn complete workflows for beautiful black & white images

Long exposure black and white can create gorgeous abstractions of cities and architecture. In this workshop, you’ll learn several techniques (including both luminosity masks and hard selections) to achieve realistic results when making the dramatic tonal adjustments required for these images.

What’s included?

  • >5 hours video recordings from the workshop (includes presentations from David and Greg)
  • RAW images for you to edit
  • Presenter notes

David’s presentation (Nov 6, 10am – noon CST):

  • Shooting considerations and creative vision
  • RAW processing
  • Photoshop techniques (selection tools, blend masks, adjustment layers, smart objects and filters)
  • Converting the image to black & white
  • Selections: this is where the creative process begins. You will learn to identify important targets, select architectural features, and preparing for the next steps
  • Creating light: you will learn the different techniques that will allow you to create creative light
  • Sky replacement and special effects (motion)
  • Creating atmosphere and contrast
  • Adjustments and finalization

All these techniques will be shown using Photoshop.

David is is a professional architecture photographer and Photoshop instructor specializing in black and white and is based in the beautiful countryside of France.
See David’s work at:  Website  – Facebook

Greg’s presentation (Nov 13, 10am – noon CST):

  • Shooting considerations and creative vision
    • Before and after examples with discussion of artistic intent
  • RAW processing:
    • How color and detail choices impact subsequent processing
    • Causes of RAW halos and how to avoid them
  • Photoshop / luminosity masking:
    • Removing hot pixels
    • Masking complex skylines with luminosity masks
    • Using color and alternate processing to refine B&W images
    • BlendIf for tonal control
    • Causes of B&W halos and how to remove them

All these techniques will be shown using Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Lumenzia luminosity masking panel for Photoshop.

Greg Benz  is a professional landscape and cityscape photographer, Photoshop  instructor, and software developer based out of Minneapolis, MN, USA. He is widely known as the developer  of the “Lumenzia” luminosity masking panel for Photoshop.
See Greg’s work at:  Website  – Facebook


Q: Who is the intended audience?
A: Anyone interested in fine art black & white photography. A basic understanding of layers and masks is recommended, but not required.

Q: Is Lumenzia required?
A: Greg will be using it for a portion of his edit. It is not required for this sort of work in general. If you do not have a luminosity masking panel, you might wish to start by trying his free panel, Lumenzia LITE.

Before and after images typical of what we'll edit

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