Horsehoe Dawn

I finished my drive from Salt Lake City, Utah to Page, Arizona somewhat late at night. And, I’d gotten in a day earlier than I’d originally planned, but forgotten to change the dates on my reservation. I travel frequently without booking in advance, but Page Arizona (in September) isn’t one of those places. I’m not above sleeping in the car if I had to, but thankfully I found a hotel with a free room for the night. So, I had no chance to scope out Horseshoe Bend in advance, but I was ready for three things: an early morning, a spectacular view, and THRONGS of photographers jockeying for a spot on top of a 1000 foot cliff (some poor Greek guy fell off the ledge a few years ago – there are no railings here!).  Luckily, I was wrong about the crowds(they weren’t nearly as big as I’d feared), and I got a nice spot to shoot – even though I’d only arrived shortly before sunrise.  Needless to say, the view was spectacular!

Exposure Blending Tutorial - Bring the FIRE back into a sunrise

Greg Benz Photography