There’s something magical about watching sunset along the Oregon coast.  The rocky coastline, surf, and endless color on the horizon make hours pass like minutes.  But as much as I love the scene, I feel like some stranger who just walked in the front door uninvited.  If you turned the lens around, behind this beautiful scene you’d see me looking like a complete schmuck in a pair of thick, baggy brown fishing waders. While this gorgeous rock pillar has held its ground against the cold, crashing waves for thousands of years, I thought how ironic it was that I needed protection to withstand a few minutes.  But I abandoned all sense of fashion in pursuit of the image (and prayed that none of the other photographers around me decided to capture me in some kind of joke).  Stepping just knee deep into the surf made all the difference.  The rocks and waves were no longer part of some static postcard, but filled the frame.  The closer I brought the lens, the more I could feel the energy in the images.  And with each crashing wave, the ocean invited me to walk further into the scene as the pressure of the water squeezed my around my legs like a bear hub.

Rialto Beach Sunset

Greg Benz Photography