Willow River Falls

I’ve lived in Minnesota over 10 years, and only recently learned of this little gem just over the border into Wisconsin, the Will River Falls.  I drove in not long before sunset, walked straight to the falls, and took this shot.  But I definitely got the feeling I need to head back, it’s a huge park with loads of trails.  I always love looking over my photos later to find the little details I’ve missed (one of the wonderful things about the Nikon D810, you can see every little detail).  I was so engrossed in getting this shot (and in making sure I didn’t get dunked from the tiny perch I used), that I didn’t notice this couple sitting high on the cliff to the right.  They look like little dots here on the web, but if you look at the bottom of the treeline toward the right edge of the top of the falls, you’ll see them sitting there just enjoying the view.  Such a cool little spot, I can’t wait to get back.

Willow River Falls in Hudson, WI.

Greg Benz Photography