Custom luminosity masks with Lumenzia v11.7

Lumenzia v11.7 now includes numerous enhancements to make it easier than ever to create the perfect luminosity mask. The previews are now fully interactive so you can quickly isolate the foreground from the sky, separate a red flower from green grass, let the levels automatically refine themselves for a stronger mask and much more. This significantly reduces the number of steps it takes to create custom luminosity masks and selections.

Under the flyout menu (top-right 4 bars icon) is a new “orange preview options…” dialog which offers the following enhancements while you preview L2, L3, etc:

  • Activate your favorite selection or pen tool so that you can quickly target luminosity for specific subjects in your image. When you then load the preview as a mask/selection, the luminosity mask will only use the areas you’ve selected in the preview.
  • Auto-optimize the levels layer. Each time you create a preview or adjust the sliders, the levels will be automatically optimized to give you a stronger mask. This eliminates the need to manually refine the levels in most cases.
  • Immediately paint / dodge the preview. The paint brush and black/white paint will automatically be selected for you to start brushing.

The active tool will automatically switch for you based on the active layer, so you can easily use any combination of these new tools. You can also set the initial default, so that you can immediately start with your favorite refinement method. And when you’re done with the preview, the active tool and paint will be set back to where they were before the preview so you can just keep working. This helps eliminates numerous clicks and decisions so you can work more quickly and efficiently, and should ultimately make it easier to get the perfect luminosity mask for your image.

For more details, please see the release notes.

Greg Benz Photography