Downtown Minneapolis Skyline at Sunrise

After Chris and I finished up our headshots, I headed out onto the balcony for 10 minutes to capture these images of sunrise.  I had hoped to catch the lights of the the future home of the Twins, Target Field (top right of the first horizonal field below)…  but the lights turned off about 10 minutes before it was bright enough to take a picture of the city.  If the Twin’s marketing guys ever happen to read this, be sure to keep those lights on around sunrise / sunset (free marketing from anyone who happens to be photographing the city at the most beautiful time of day…)


Downtown Minneapolis Skyline from 5th Street |  Photos of downtown Minneapolis skyline

Downtown from Fifth Street Towers |  Photos of downtown Minneapolis skyline

Foshay Sprouts from the Roof |  Photos of downtown Minneapolis skyline

Greg Benz Photography