How to select any color in Photoshop

Luminosity masks are well-known for their ability to precisely and naturally target pixels in an image based on their tonal information. They also allow you to target other attributes such as color and saturation. Lumenzia v11.5 now offers a completely new way to target any color in Photoshop. It not only lets you target a range of hues (which you can customize extensively), it lets you further target nuances in the luminosity or saturation of those pixels as well. For example, you could create a selection or mask to help isolate brighter red-orange flowers in an image from their surroundings.

To use the new color previews, simply click on any color swatch or the color picker at the top of the panel. You may then optionally refine the preview in a number of ways:

  • Click and drag the sliders on the hue slider which appears to help refine what is included/excluded, as well as feathering at the limits. If you click and drag the area between the slider thumbs, you can move multiple sliders at once (which is helpful to work quickly or to adjust the limits while keeping the same feathering).
  • Click on any luminosity preview button (such as “L2” or “(b)”) to further isolate your color targeting by luminosity. It will show with a green outline to help note that the luminosity is actively being constrained as well.
  • You may use the precision and value sliders to refine the D, M, L, or zone targeting as you like. Or if you wish to remove the luminosity constraint, just click the same button again (so click “L” if any L preview was targeted, “(b)” if zone B was targeted, etc).
  • You may further isolate by saturation by clicking on Sat (for more saturated colors) or Vib (less saturated). You may also adjust the opacity of the bottom layer in the preview to refine saturation targeting (as noted in that layer’s name).
  • And you may of course refine levels at the top of the preview or use the optional layers to dodge/burn the preview or paint directly on it (as you can for any preview by enabling the options in the top-right flyout of the panel).

You may then apply the preview as a selection or mask to any layer. For example, you might use these new color previews to:

  • Reduce the vibrance of a yellow wall behind an orange subject (this offers both greater control over targeting and the type of adjustment than can be achieved with a standard HSL layer)
  • Darken a bright blue sky without affecting the bright yellow building next to it.
  • Apply a Nik Color Efex adjustment only to the red flowers in a bouquet.
  • The possibilities are endless, as you can use these new color previews with any layer mask, filter mask, or selection.

See the release notes for all the details on other recent updates to Lumenzia.

Greg Benz Photography