Export for any ratio with Generative Fill

Web Sharp Pro v5.8 is now available as a free update for all customers and includes the ability to use Generative Fill AI to export at any aspect ratio without cropping out any of your original image. So if your image needs to be a little taller or wider to meet the needs of Instagram, Pinterest, or just to match other images on your site – you no longer need to crop off the edges of your image to fit nor add white space or some other filler. Web Sharp Pro will now use Photoshop’s artificial intelligence to fill the gaps so you can preserve your original content and add just a little more sky to the top or sandy beach in the foreground to achieve the required size.

Tips for using Generative Fill:

  • Go to Settings / Quick Export and set the Crop / Fill dropdown to “Keep full image (fill via Generative Fill)“.
  • You can interactively refine any crop and the area to be filled by also checking the “interactive crop when filling” option. I would generally leave this on, unless you’re doing a batch export. It will default to keeping the full image and using a symmetric fill on the top/bottom or sides as needed.
  • If you are using any of the cropping modes, you may also leave some edge gaps anytime you’d like to fill. When you do this, you will be prompted for the type of fill to use, and Generative Fill will be one of the options.
  • Generative Fill tends to work best when the expanded area would contain unique content not seen elsewhere in the image. Content-Aware Fill is an alternative option and tends to work best in areas of repeating patterns/texture or when exporting at high resolution (as the current beta version of Generative Fill only creates content which is 1024 pixels on the long side and scales from that for larger sizes).
  • Generative Fill is very new (still in beta) and I would expect that it (and perhaps the Web Sharp Pro interface in turn) may adapt over time as the tool likely continues to improve.


Web Sharp Pro v5.8 also features:

  • The ability to slice any export into columns via quick exports (no need for overlay templates).
    • Because phones are oriented vertically, it can be very powerful to slice horizontal / landscape images into several columns for the viewer to swipe through, rather than show a very small single image. This is especially handy for Instagram, Threads, and other social networks on phones.
    • Go to Settings / Quick Export to choose columns. Quick tip: you can use math in the size fields. So if you want to export 5 columns of 1080 wide by 1350 tall for Instagram, you can enter the width as 5 * 1080 and Web Sharp Pro will automatically calculate 5400 as the correct width in pixels for the overall export.
  • Simplified interactive cropping (as of v5.8.1). You no longer need to hold <shift> to maintain the aspect ratio when cropping. It is fixed to avoid making any unwanted changes to the aspect ratio.
  • Support for content-aware fill in Quick Exports as well. This may be preferable to Generative Fill for high resolution exports or areas of texture or minimal detail.
  • Improvements to templates for the Threads social network and more. See the release notes for full details.


Greg Benz Photography