ACR 15 adds High Dynamic Range Output

Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) v15 just added one of the most exciting features since the creation of RAW processing itself: High Dynamic Range Output (“HDR” or “HDRO”). This name might be confusing because we’ve used the term “HDR” for years, but now that same name is being used for a completely different display technology. This involves hardware, it requires a monitor capable of a minimum brightness of at least 400 nits. And when you see it, it is nothing short of spectacular. It’s the most significant improvement in image display I’ve seen in decades.

HDR editing and display results in:

  • Vastly greater dynamic range. Pixels are up to 4 stops brighter than anything before.
  • Glowing city lights.
  • Boosted brightness without losing saturation for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.
  • Intricate details in the highlights for white clouds and flowing rivers.

See the video below for details on how to enable and use HDR in ACR 15.

Note: I’ve created a comprehensive set of resources at (including sample images, HDR screen tests, a free e-book, and much more).


Greg Benz Photography